Felicitas Fischer

dance artist | creative freelancer

Driven by a deep curiosity for movement in all forms, Felicitas Fischer is a contemporary dance artist performing, teaching, and creating in the ancestral unceded land of Ramaytush and Chochenyo speaking Ohlone people, colonially known as the Bay Area. Her artistic approach incorporates diverse movement practices from around the world that reflect her own polyethnic-cultural experience and explore movement as a means of storytelling + reclamation + resistance. Graduated from the University of San Francisco with a B.A in Performing Arts & Social Justice in Dance (2019), Felicitas has had the honor of working with local artists and choreographers including Simpson/Stulberg Collaborations, Nicole Klaymoon, Amber Julian, Megan Nicely, Dazaun Soleyn, Eli Nelson, Amie Dowling, Jennifer Polyocan, Kinetech Arts, and Lenora Lee Dance. Currently, she works actively with Bridge Live Arts as the Community Engagement Residency Manager, and runs Artists For Justice, an artistic collective dedicated to supporting diverse emerging artists and local social-justice initiatives.



  • Kinetech Arts @ David Ruth's Glass Studio, October 22 -23, 2022

Workshops & Events

  • Money in the Art: Pathways to Equity | Sep 7th, 18th, 24th, 2022 Series of practices and conversations to address and advance equity in the artist through collective financial empowerment.

Choreographic Works

Lungs of the Earth

A hybrid exploration of movement, sound, and film capturing the social-political inferno and environmental crisis consuming the Amazon region of Brazil and its Indigenous communities.

Concept & Choreography | Felicitas Fischer
Director & Editor | Conni McKenzie
Sound Design | Jaime Serra dos Santos
Commissioned by the University of San Francisco Performing Arts & Social Justice Department
Featured in USF's Thacher Art Gallery Fall 2021 Exhibition All that you touch


A conceptual piece exploring the corporeality of capitalist power, hyper-individualism, and patriarchal oppression against women of color in the workforce.

Choreography & Sound Design | Felicitas Fischer
Dancers | Saharla Vetsch, Isabel Ronquillo, Ariana Woodard, Felicitas Fischer
Music | “9 to 5” by Dolly Parton, “Pastillitas – Caberet Nocturne Remix” by Ali X
Excerpts from | Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur, Do Not Speak of the Dead by Cecilia Llompart, Her Tin Skin by Evie Shockley, Loose Woman by Sandra Cisneros

Recent Performances

Echolocation  (2019)
Eli Nelson & Amie Dowling

Photo Credit - Robbie Sweeny

This Bitter Earth  (2019)
Jennifer Polyocan

Photo Credit - Robbie Sweeny

everchanging  (2018)
Dazaun Soleyn

Photo Credit - Robbie Sweeny

Coming Up Roses  (2018)
Megan Nicely

Photo Credit - Gabe Maxson

Ongoing Projects

Artists For Justice

Co-Founder & Lead Organizer
June 2020 - Present

Artists For Justice is a collective of independent artists mobilizing their creativity to bring awareness and action to a variety of social-justice initiatives. We provide artists, audiences, and community partners a unique platform where creativity and call-to-action can powerfully intersect. Our mission is to amplify the creative works of diverse emerging artists while making an impact in our community through authentic means of expression.

Stance on Dance

Contributing Writer
2013 - Present

A series of writings published on Stance on Dance led by Emmaly Wiederholt since 2013, this project serves as a time-capsule and personal map charting how young dancers, and their relationships to dance, evolve over time through a simple open-ended prompt: Where are you with dance?. From early adolescence until now, these writings are an ongoing documentation of my experience and life in the ever-shifting identity of a "dancer".

In the Media